Why should Cielo Stays manage my property? 🫶

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Our Intro:

See our video introduction: https://vimeo.com/863617643

Peace of Mind: Unlike other managers, we are a fully licensed real estate brokerage company. To be able to do property management, the State of Florida requires a real estate broker to be accountable for all the funds that are received and managed in the name of others. Our accounts are reconciled every month and subject to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation audits at any time.

Damage Protection: Every reservation we host is protected with our damage protection program for up to $2,000 dollars in damages, regardless if the damage is accidental or deliberate. During the course of the year we have paid for: Damaged cooktops, broken shower windows, glasses, mugs, sofa beds, basically anything that is not maintenace.

No Junk Fees: Other administrators may offer a lower percentage commission, but they charge guest onerous junk fees that you do not see.

With Cielo Stays:

With Other managers:

Guest Satisfaction: Our guests leave happy, and we take a proactive approach. We contact the guests before arrival to ensure all information is clear and their arrival is smooth. The night of the check-in we contact the guest once again to make sure all is to their satisfaction. Before check-out, we send our pre-check-out survey to ask for feedback to improve and encourage the guest to leave a positive review on our platforms.

More Direct Bookings: Our direct websites allow guests to book their stay directly with us without you having to pay booking commissions. After any stay, we collect emails and phone numbers to generate campaigns to encourage direct bookings for repeating guests.

No Blackout dates or restrictions to owners/friends. If the property is not rented, you can use it.

Full Property Management: Most of our clients are foreign nationals and do not reside in the area and need someone they can trust. We take care of all aspects of having a property. From renting and keeping your occupancy high to changing your A/C filters or managing plumbing or electrical repairs. We take care of your property as we do with our property.

No Lengthy Contracts: We like to have happy clients, if you are not one then we wouldn’t want to have you, hostage. This is the reason we offer short 6-month contracts with automatic renewals and 30-day cancellation notices.

Easy Accounting: Every year before January 30th, you will receive IRS’s 1099 reports and a detailed P&L to send to your accountant.

No Complications: When you work with us, we take care of all the licensing requirements from the city, county, and state.