Tides Resort Hollywood - Arrival Procedures 😎

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Welcome to The Tides Resort at Hollywood Beach! 🙌

Your exclusive beach getaway.

In this video, I will walk through The Tides Resort's arrival procedures, building features, and amenities.

The resort has 2 towers, the 3901 and 3801 South Ocean Drive.
If you have a vehicle, please proceed to the valet desk and ask for the parking form.

Fill it in with your car information and proceed to the office to do your registration.
The registration office is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily for your convenience, if you arrive after hours, just announce yourself at the security desk.
Please go to the office the next day to register and get access to the common areas.
When parking, be mindful that parking spaces that say valet only, reserved, or commercial parking spots are not available for guests.
All guests need to be registered into the building system prior to their arrival. If you haven't already, please send us a message with all the names of the guests.

You can get to the admin office through the rear entrance of the 3901 building where the service elevators are located.

At the office you will pay for the welcome package, To access the pool, gym, and beach you will receive a fob. ( there is a charge for each additional fob)

If you have a car, you can pay for parking and receive a parking hang tag for your car.

A deposit is required and will be refunded on departure from the building admin office.

Prior to your arrival at the resort one of our customer service representatives will provide you with a 4-digit door code that provides access to your unit. The code will be activated at check-in time.
The gym and the entertainment room are located on the first floor close to the security desk.

The pool is located at the rear of the building where you can also access the beach.
Each unit is equipped with two beach chairs and an umbrella for your convenience.

No hanging towels are allowed on the balcony railings.

Everyone is required to wear shoes and beach cover-ups inside the building.

Laundry facilities and trash chutes are available on each floor.
Laundry cards are available in each unit and can be recharged in the registration office.

If the laundry card is missing there is a seven-dollar fee.
The Wifi network name is CieloStays and the password is 777Guest. The word guest with a capital G.

Package retrieval requires photo identification. There is a fee for each package. All boxes that need to be disposed of, must be folded and taken to the big dumpster outside of the back doors.

Luggage carts are available in the registration office. Only the service elevators can be used for luggage.

Thank you for booking your stay with us and we look forward to receiving you.

Please see charges payable at check in:https://kb.cielostays.com/article/68/tides-resort-hollywood-

We are just a call or message away. Enjoy your stay with Cielo Stays.