I am a non-US Person with a US property under your management.

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What tax information do I need to provide? 🇺🇸

The information you need to provide will depend on your United States tax obligations. Under United States tax laws, non-US persons generally must pay United States tax on income they earn from United States rentals. You can manage this obligation in one of two ways:

If you file a United States tax return and report your income from US rentals, usually you can provide Cielo Stays with a Form W-8ECI. If you provide a valid W-8ECI, Cielo Stays will not withhold tax on your transfers but will issue you an IRS Form 1099 annually reporting your transfers for you to report on your US tax return.

if you provide an IRS Form W-8BEN, Cielo Stays will withhold 30% of your payouts from US rentals and remit the tax to the IRS. At the end of the year, Cielo Stays will send you an IRS Form 1042-S showing the amount of withholding tax credits on your transfers.

For more information, the IRS has some guidance on this here.

For any questions about filling out this form, please consult your accountant.