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Property Application for:

  • La Perla - Lease (Less Than 6 Months)

  • Property Name

  • 9440

  • Property Code

  • Rent/Lease

  • Application Type

Please read before applying. Application process may take up to 45 minutes:

Hi there,

Before you start, please review the following information below. Please make sure you have all the documentation ready and agree with the terms and conditions. The information will automatically save every time the continue button is clicked. We want you to have a great experience during the application process.

Estimated application fees: This application includes services and fees that will be collected at the end of the process as follows:

Application Fee $100.00 / Individual
Estimated Application Fees may differ based on the additional occupants that will be added later on the application.

This application is linked to the email address you have provided. If you have questions regarding the application requirements, please contact the association directly. Tenant Evaluation does not determine your approval. The community association screening committee makes the final decision after reviewing your application.

Important Property Notes

  • No pets allowed for short term leases.


  • Emotional support animals and service animals are allowed in La Perla.

  • The pet owner must submit a letter from a specialist indicating the need of the animal.

  • Registration cards as emotional or service animal are optional. but the letter is mandatory.

Please read the below information:

  • Per the Association rules, and per the Florida Law, a letter from a professional shall be provided as part of the service animal package.

  • Please provide a Service Animal Letter written by a licensed professional stating who needs the service animal.

  • No registration Fee is required.

  • The letter should contain the therapist’s name, contact info and license information.

  • There is no need to disclose the condition of the person who needs the service animal.

Please note that any service or support animal Letter can be written by the following types of professionals (this list is not exhaustive):

1. Psychologists

2. Psychiatrists

3. Social works

4. Physician assistants

5. Nurse practitioners

6. Nurses

7. Licenses counselors and therapists

Please allow a minimum of 5 business days, from the moment the application gets to "closed" status, for your application to be processed.

The above timelines are not related to the tenant evaluation response timelines.

  • If the transaction is done through airbnb or any other vacations agency, a copy of the approval must be uploaded, as well as the lease agreement between landlord(s) and tenant (s).

  • This application is for Lease (Less Than 6 Months)!


You’ll need to send some documents

  • Photo Identification (US Driver's License or Passport)

  • Marriage Certificate (If applicable and if married with different last names)

  • Vehicle Registration for each vehicle (If Applicable)

  • Copy of Lease Agreement Signed by the Applicant(s) and the Owner(s) or Airbnb/Vrbo Reservation Details

If Applying With A Service Animal Please Provide Animal Documentation

  • Recent Applicant's Headshot

Important information to be collected:
Some or all of the following Items may be required, make sure to have the information handy in order to complete the application process.

  • Social Security number for both applicants

  • Moving address (The address you are applying to)

  • Current address

  • Current and past landlord information

  • Real estate agent

  • Personal References Name, Email and Phone Numbers

  • Employer information

  • Pet information (If Applicable)

  • Vehicle information (such as Tag number, make, year and model)

Please Note: If the community requires a Credit Report, a Soft or Hard inquiry Equifax FICO Score 8 Algorithm or a TransUnion FICO 4 Algorithm will be processed. Please contact us if you would like to know which Algorithm your community uses. The credit scores that are pulled on online websites (such as freecreditreports.com, CreditKarma, CreditWise etc.) use a different algorithm from what is standard. These credit reports are "consumer based" reports instead of a "business model based” report pulled by lenders, such as mortgage and auto industries. Lenders use the standard in the industry which is the FICO score, the same score that we process for the applications and lenders will not accept a report ran through a website due to the same reasons. Websites use a scoring algorithm such as the Plus Score or Vantage score instead of the FICO.

We are unable to change/edit the information reported, as the record and score comes directly from the credit bureau. The applicant can contact (Equifax/Transunion) directly in regards to any questions or updates needed.